Chetham’s International Piano Summer School 2024

Part One August 8 - 13 2024

Part Two August 13 - 18 2024

Bookings open on January 12th

The friendliest piano summer school in the world

August 14 - 24 2023

CIPSS ( Chetham’s International Piano Summer School) brings world class and legendary musicians to a vibrant, supportive community in central Manchester. Housed in the magnificent, safe grounds of the UK’s largest specialist music school, this inspirational annual festival offers unprecedented facilities, including over 130 pianos and practice/ teaching rooms, the magnificent Stoller Hall, en-suite bedrooms and stunning medieval architecture juxtaposed with modern facilities.

But it is the atmosphere and spirit of CIPSS that really makes it so special, giving it an international reputation as ‘the friendliest piano summer school in the world’. Though winners of competitions as prestigious as Leeds have participated in the course and though standards can often be phenomenal, CIPSS has never been elitist nor exclusive: Beginners and intermediate players as well as observers and adult returners have always been made to feel most welcome.

Literally hundreds of piano enthusiasts, students, teachers, adult amateurs and families have warmed to the unique experience of CIPSS over the years. 2024 promises to build on that tradition, providing an exceptionally rich programme of worldclass recitals in Stoller hall along with lectures, open lessons and opportunities to develop skills in composition, theory, analysis, improvisation, harpsichord and organ in addition to solo piano. 

But all of that is but the bare bones of an event which is popular not only for its content, but most importantly for its camaraderie and integration: CIPSS welcomes everyone who adores the piano and piano playing. We are all part of a positive community, united by our musical passion. Please check back regularly here and on social media for regular updates and news.

CIPSS welcomes pianists of all ages – any under 18 participants require an adult chaperone (free if non resident) 


NB is separate from the International Piano Summer School.

Junior Piano Courses take place
during part one and part two

15 course options, 35 teachers, outstanding evening recitals – open to all ages. Everyone welcome.

NB under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian FREE to non-residents.

15 course options, 35 teachers, outstanding evening recitals – open to all ages. Everyone welcome.

NB under 18’s must be accompanied by a parent/guardian FREE to non-residents.


We have a wide range of courses for all ages and all levels. Come for one or both parts and set your own pace with options of extra hours tuition, additional courses and performing opportunities.


View profiles on each and every one of our remarkable faculty. View profiles on each and every one of our remarkable faculty. In 2024 we welcome over 50 outstanding musicians, teachers and leading pedagogues to Manchester.


Browse through the list of all the amazing daily events. Workshops, performance classes, practise clinics, participant recordings, lectures, Faculty recitals and a series of lunchtime recitals by outstanding young artists will be announced later this year.

Bookings Open January 12th 2024

you promised me a 'great big musical hug' - and that was it in a nutshell!

I'm still having to pinch myself when I think about the faculty involved in the summer school - it's been an amazing experience and a real privilege to benefit from everyone's knowledge and experience. I've learnt so much.

Rachel F (Newcomer 2020)

I'd just like to say a huge thank you for encouraging me to come on the teachers course. I had a fantastic time and felt completely energized by the whole experience. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Johnathan - (Newcomer 2018)

I’m writing to express our gratitude towards the whole faculty of the Piano Summer School, and the kind and warm reception we received over the whole course. The summer school was an eye opening experience where the girls met so many young and inspired musicians, as well as experienced and knowledgeable mentors. Those days have left a vivid print on their young minds. Also, they were so fulfilled that they got the chance to perform for others, which as their mother, I didn’t think they were ready for it. But they did it, without fright or nervousness. They learned so much more in the summer school than I expected.

Mother of 2 girls, age 5 and 7 2023

What makes our piano summer school so special?

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