Every year there are participants on the course from about 20 different countries, including Australia, USA, Canada, Venezuela, Iceland, Singapore, China etc.
Here are just a few of the many comments received about the course.

From the 2019 Course

Thank you so much for the absolutely amazing two weeks I had at the summer school, it was incredible to meet all the lovely people there and learn from them as well as just getting to know other young musicians. Alexander W

I just had to write to say an enormous thank you. Shevaun has always said how wonderful Chetham’s Summer School is but until I experienced it for myself as an observer I could not comprehend what a remarkable occasion you organise and my goodness, what a herculean task it must be. It has been the most wonderful and extraordinary privilege to witness and participate in your Summer School – I was hooked within the first hour yesterday. I felt surrounded by such energy, enthusiasm and support and I shall never forget my first experience of “Chet’s”! Alison D

Thank you for another brilliant summer school! Again, I so enjoyed this year’s “immersion” with the whole mix of lessons, workshops and recitals, and especially the camerarderie of friends old and new. I have put 10th January firmly in my diary to book for next year :). Sally C

I’d just like to say a huge thank you for encouraging me to come on the teachers course. I had a fantastic time and felt completely energized by the whole experience. I’d recommend it to anyone! I also felt completely at home at Chets and the warmth and passion for piano of everyone involved is amazing. – Jonathan 1st time

Many thanks to you, Murray, and the team for such an excellent Summer School.  This was my first time and I enjoyed it enormously, besides learning a lot. Robin B

From previous years

Let me say once again what a truly enjoyable and fulfilling time I had in my first experience of the Chet’s summer program. Intense, meaningful days of teaching, yet it all flew by so pleasantly. You and Kathryn have been so patient, good-natured and supportive at all times. Loved the interactions with the teachers course attendees. Loved performing in concert in those ideal circumstances. Thanks for everything!

William Westney Faculty member

Thank you so so much for a truly wonderful week! The tuition, the tutor performances, the participant performing opportunities, the company, the food and drink, all the amazing staff, and all the encouragement and support ! Veronica – 1st time

”The things I have learned and the connections I have gained from the Summer school have been literally life-changing for me in terms of the musician and teacher I have become. I now have fantastic opportunities thanks to the standard of my playing, and this is to the greatest extent thanks to the Summer school.
I have so much gratitude for all the Summer School has done for me and for the experiences I have had.”

A huge thank you to you, and to all involved with the Summer Piano School. Although my mother and I were there for just one day we came away inspired, encouraged and excited about playing the piano again. My lesson with Professor Claudius Tanski was just fabulous. He restored my confidence, and gave me an abundance of ideas of how to improve and how to practise. Actually it was life-changing. We also really enjoyed the workshops in the afternoon. The organisation of the whole was equally awe-inspiring. Annabel – 1st time

The words ‘thank you’ are totally inadequate to express what I feel. My teachers were all amazing, and I count myself blessed to have had such an opportunity. That I felt that they all took me seriously, despite being an amateur, was a tribute to their genuine love of what they were doing, and I was so, so grateful. I can’t believe I have learned and experienced so much in 1 week.
When we first spoke on the phone, you promised me a ‘great big musical hug’ – and that was it in a nutshell! Malcolm M – 1st time on the course

Just a quick note to thank you, and indeed all the team, for a fantastic week at the Summer School. I have to say I was quite apprehensive but really enjoyed it all – and have learnt just so much. A lot to think about and to let sink in!
You all worked incredibly hard to give us such a great experience: it is much appreciated. Janie E – 1st time on the course

I just wanted to thank you, Murray and all the other summer school staff for an amazing week! The concerts were wonderful as ever, and the new hall really enhanced the atmosphere… And my tutors (Carlo and Ashley) were both excellent. Mark H

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate having this fantastic resource. Every year I soak up new knowledge and inspiration.
It was wonderful to hear the concertos, I had never been at a live concerto performance before. Deidre K

The piano summer school is one of the highlights of my year – brought about not only by excellent organisation but by the trust and friendliness you seem to inspire in others. I would like to express my sincere thanks to you both for making it so. I look forward to seeing you next August.
Milton T

Thank you very much for this socially and academically life changing organization. – Tijen A

I would like to thank you for organising such a wonderful and a unique summer school, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They have really provided me with more energies and a new insight to the pieces and piano practice in general.
I have learnt a lot musically and about life, and I have lots of lessons and some wonderful experiences to take back home!
Even though I was really far away from my home, I always felt like home here, at Chethams.
I loved everything – the place, the food, the wonderful faculty, the concerts, people, cabaret, etc. – everything!
Although this year’s summer school has ended, I am already looking forward to the next summer school!
I hope that the speed at which these 12 days flew past, the coming 12 months also fly past!

My son has just been to the 2nd week of your Summer school and has had an absolutely wonderful time. After about 2 days there he sent me a text asking if he can go again next year!
He sent one yesterday saying if necessary he would pay for it himself and today saying he didn’t want to leave!
I think you can safely say it has been a huge success. He’s even gone straight to the piano and carried on practising. He says he’s enjoyed doing lots of practice. He also said everyone was really nice.

He has been on lots of music related tours, etc. but I have never heard him so excited and enthusiastic as he has been about the past week. – Janet C

I would like the thank you and Chetham school for the fantastic enriching experience at the course. Everything was just outstanding! – Datia B

…in a world with so many negative and distructive forces it is wonderful that the Chetham’s International Summer School for Pianists promotes the humanity of musical education and harmonious cooperation for a better world. – Hans H

This last week has been incredible – I hoped I would enjoy it but all my expectations were surpassed, it was such a special time. – Lee H

Thanks again for yet another uplifting and life enhancing experience.
I pinch myself occasionally, as I have been playing since childhood, and have made more progress in the last 6 years than the previous 40+ ..a very special musical sanctuary. – Marie M

I’d read that the atmosphere was really friendly and it’s true. Staff, Faculty, Participants, Observers alike were all open and friendly and there was a huge spirit of sharing.
I have learned so much in a short space of time. Plenty to keep me going for the next year until I return. – Deidre K

The festival was an amazing experience – thank you so much indeed. I appreciate your enormous energy in orgainsing this remarkable event. – Daisy H

Thank you so much for such a wonderful week. It was truly inspirational and exciting. – Anne S

It was my first experience at a piano summer school but I could not have hoped for anything better than what I got.
Everything was so smooth and so well organised, I was really impressed. Most of all it was all about the friendly and positive atmosphere.
The Faculty was outstanding and I am already looking forward to working again with them next year – Simone M

Having safely returned to Hong Kong, we would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Chetham’s and all the staff members for your hospitality during our stay in Manchester! We appreciate for all your wonderful arrangements, it is definitely a life long treasure for us! – Yoko