Most piano faculty give several workshops for their class of students during the course, in addition to the individual lessons.

Each teacher will work with their allocated group of students. Some may choose to take a performance class, others may work on specific areas of playing such as pedalling, memorisation, practice techniques, performance anxiety etc.

In 2021 for the first time we introduced ‘drop in’ practise and performance workshops which proved very popular. We are delighted to offer these again for anyone who would like further guidance outside of their lessons. A chance to get help with a bar or a phrase in the practise clinic or to perform a short piece ahead of a recital in the performance class.

Participants on the adult amateur course will take part in daily workshops with Kathryn Page and Marta Karbownicka on part one and Kathryn Page and Martyn Parkes  on part two.

Junior Course participants will also receive daily group sessions on both performance and practise.

As with all lessons, observers are very welcome.