All daily lessons will be timetabled with your teacher and sent to you in advance, taking into account any time zone contraints.

It is possible to be very flexible with the online course and times can be organised to suit the individual.



The teachers will use different platforms including Zoom, Skype and facetime. In advance of the lesson contact will be made to check that the connection is working.

The administrator will send out information confirming what platform you will be using for your lessons well in advance of the course.


Every day there will be live interactive sessions. There will be performance classes and lectures live as well as the opportunity for socialising with the regular coffee morning slot at 11am and the evening bar. We may not be all together in Manchester, but we can all unite online.

Every day participants will receive an email with all of the daily activities with easy to use links to simply click on. Additional resources will also be included with the daily schedule.

As the summer school is now online, anyone who has already booked and does not want to join us on this new adventure can obtain a refund. We do hope that we will welcome many ‘regulars’ to the new version of the course this year, but understand it may not suit everyone.

It is possible to keep your deposit on account to secure a place on the course next August.

Registration is from 13.30 until 16.00 on the following days:

Junior Academy
Saturday 8th August

CIPSS Part 1
Friday 14th August

CIPSS Part 2
Thursday 20th August

If you are travelling from abroad and need to arrive a day early, there are many local hotels in the vicinity. The closest is the Premier Inn on Deansgate

Junior Academy
The course ends after morning recitals by all of the participants at 11am.

CIPSS Part 1 will end by 11.30am on the 20th August after morning participant recitals.

CIPSS Part 2 will end by 11.30am on the 26th August after morning participant recitals.

NB If you are taking a Trinity Performance Diploma you may need to stay into the afternoon depending on the number of entries.

The main difference is the much more informal performance opportunities to participants on the Adult course. There are daily discussions about subjects that are of particular interest to this course e.g performance anxiety, memory, how to practice, suitable repertoire. All of this happens in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Participants on this course are allocated the teacher by the summer school administration.

With such a large and inspirational faculty, many participants take advantage and study with several teachers during their stay. For one course of piano (three hours) one teacher is usually allocated. If more than one course of piano is booked the lessons will most likely be with two teachers. It is also possible to request individual lessons with a different teacher each time. On the piano course it is possible to choose 4 names that you are interested in studying with. If possible we try to allocate your preferences, but it is not always possible. As everything is open to observe it is always possible to learn from every teacher working on the course.

All information regarding allocation of teacher, concerts, extra classes etc will be given at registration. We will do our best to accommodate your preferences.

Junior Academy

All 4 courses come with daily individual lessons. The Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced courses have a daily lesson of 45 minutes giving 3 hours of individual lessons. The Young Artist course has a daily lesson of one hour, giving 4 hours of individual lessons. In addition there are daily performance groups and concert opportunities.

It is possible to book additional lessons, particularly for those on the Young Artists Course


Each chosen course comes with three hours of individual lessons as standard. In addition, there are opportunities to play in classes with your teacher. It is also possible to book up to an additional three hours on each course that you book, subject to availability.
Of course all lessons are open to watch, so you could in fact have a total of 30 hours of tuition if you attended all the lessons by the different faculty members! If you do extra courses you will receive another 3 hours and additional classes on each course.

Junior Academy

On the junior academy it is possible to book additional individual lessons. However we recommend that on the elementary and intermediate course  the daily timetable of sessions offered by the course leader should be attended in full to gain maximum benefit. On the advanced and young artists programme additional lessons would be more suitable.


Many people do 2 or 3 courses. Each course gives you 3 hours of individual lessons therefore if you did 3 courses you would have 9 hours in one part plus up to 7 hours of additional workshops. NB No more than 6 hours can be booked for each course. 

Scholarships are available for talented young pianists in financial need.

To apply please email a link to a representative recording of your playing, 2 references (one from your teacher) and evidence of finances. 

If you are a full time music student at university or conservatoire, please send in proof of your student status.

Other evidence of financial circumstances could include the latest household tax statement, benefit statement etc.

Junior Academy

The general daily timetables are on display on the website.


The individual timetables are given at registration. A list of all timetables will be on display throughout the week, so that you can check when your next lesson is. You can also see when friends are having their lessons as well.
NB If you have specific time constraints and require lessons at particular times this may be possible. Please let the administrator know as soon as possible. Timetables can be tailored to individual requirements subject to tutor availability.

Junior Academy

During the day the course is structured from 9am – 4.45pm
There will be a daily lecture at 5.30pm for the Young Artist course, but this is also open to all students on the course.
After dinner there will be lots of options including
Practise – the rooms will remain open until 10pm
Fit to perform  in the gym
Performance Room
Social time in house (boarders)


All the lessons and classes are open to watch, therefore from 9am to 4.30pm you can watch any of the wonderfully inspiring faculty. At 5pm there are daily lectures or performances and in the evening there are several faculty recitals.
In addition there are a variety of activities organised in the week, such as table tennis and football. There are also opportunities to have lessons in Alexander technique and Eurythmics at a small extra cost.

Under 18’s are very welcome on CIPSS, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Family rooms are available in the school for any children wishing to stay as residents with their family.

Each year there are many under 18’s and we are renowned for being an incredibly friendly summer school. One year a rather shy teenager said that he couldn’t believe how friendly we all were and couldn’t wait to come back. We always try to team up children with others that have been on the course before to help them settle in quickly.

Junior Academy

The summer school is renowned for being a really happy, friendly course. In 2020 we are thrilled to establish this new junior academy. By the end of the course we feel certain that many firm friendships will have been established. We have a team of house staff who will help to ensure a happy time for everyone.


Every year we welcome friends old and new to Chetham’s. All newcomers to the course will be welcomed at the opening night reception so that friends can be made over a drink. There is always someone at reception during the day so anyone feeling a little lost is welcome to come for a chat!

Junior Academy

A large team of residential house parents will be the point of contact for participants and parents throughout the week. The team meet everyone on the opening night reception and a mobile telephone number will be given to all participants and parents. The number can be called 24 hours a day. Parents are welcome to come on the academy as non residents observers with their own child. They must stay with their child throughout the day.


Under 18’s are welcome on CIPSS but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Children are welcome to board in the school with their family.

Chetham’s is a boarding school and it is possible to have a very large number of participants staying at the school. All residential participants sleep in the school.  Accommodation is in single, double or dormitory style rooms and many rooms have en suite facilities.  Together with a 24 hour security guards this ensures a safe and happy environment. This fantastic social atmosphere ensures that the summer school will provide many happy memories. Many regulars say it is the highlight of their year!

The Chetham’s Summer School is not competitive in any way and the artistic Director, Murray McLachlan, thinks of it as one big happy piano family. There are always a wide range of abilities, but the atmosphere is one of support and encouragement. We welcome everyone who loves the piano and no audition is required.

Junior Academy

Everyone will have a practise room on the Junior academy. Those on the Young Artist course will have an individual room and the rooms are open from 7am until 10pm


With over 100 new practice rooms everyone is given a room for the week and they are open from 6am to 11pm. Everyone shares a room and sorts out when to practise with each other. There is no additional cost for the use of the room. There is also a resident piano tuner who can sort out any problems that may arise.

This is absolutely fine and there will always be someone keen to take up the place.

Junior Academy

The course programmes have been designed to stimulate the young pianists throughout the day. Attending all of the sessions is advisable to gain maximum benefit. The evenings are much more relaxed with social activities.


The schedule of lessons and evening recitals is very stimulating and exciting. All events are included in the course fees. Some participants do attend everything, but of course you are free to choose to only go to some of the lectures and recitals.

As a participant on the course (resident AND Non-resident)  tickets for ALL recitals are included in your fees. If you have friends or family that would like to come to the concerts they are very welcome. Tickets can be booked through the Stoller Hall website. http://www.stollerhall.com

A bath and hand towel are provided, as is all bed linen. Dress code is informal, although if you are playing in an evening concert, you might like to bring something suitably smart.

Junior Academy

Please do bring at least 2 pieces on the elementary and intermediate course for your individual piano lessons. On the Advanced and Young Artists course please bring as many pieces as you wish.


You can choose to bring several works/pieces for your lessons or just one. You can decide if you want to work in great detail on a small repertoire or get lots of ideas on many pieces to take away with you to work in detail after the course. It is entirely up to individuals how much they want to get through in the lessons. Obviously the more prepared the pieces are, the deeper the voyage of discovery can be!

If a place cannot be offered due to the course being full, the deposit will be refunded.