Course - Alexander Technique

James Crow has been teaching both individual and group lessons on the summer school for many years. James is offering both onsite and online lessons during the course. He is extremely popular – please book early.

Alexander Technique offers a unique way to resolve piano related pain.  It also provides a framework for greater musical expression.

Alexander Technique stimulates coordination of the pianist to support the specifics of piano technique.

When the demands of finger, hand, wrist and arm movements are met with a skilful use of supporting structures, many causes of back pain, wrist pain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis and other repetitive strain injuries are addressed.

Back pain and overuse injuries interfere with ease and longevity – of a practice session, or a pianist’s career.  Alexander Technique is designed to make activity like piano playing sustainable and untroubled.

I would like to thank you for organising such a wonderful and a unique summer school, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. They have really provided me with more energies and a new insight to the pieces and piano practice in general.
I have learnt a lot musically and about life, and I have lots of lessons and some wonderful experiences to take back home!
Even though I was really far away from my home, I always felt like home here, at Chethams.