Course - Jazz - available as online course

Students may also study jazz piano with Internationally acclaimed performers and teachers on both weeks. There will be workshop classes, intense individual study and opportunities for performance during the week. We are thrilled to welcome back Jason Rebello on part one. The workshops are often collaborative with Steve Berry joining Les Chisnall (part two) for some creative extemporising for the students.

If you have never had a lesson in jazz and would like to have a try, you can apply for just one or two hours on the application form.

If you play another instrument and it is practical, please bring it along, as the opportunities for improvisation sessions can be very rewarding. Instruments that have been brought along in previous years include the saxophone, flute, guitar and violin.

There is a cabaret for participants on the last evening of each part, so if you have a ‘party piece’ do bring it along

I have learnt a lot musically and about life, and I had some wonderful experiences to take back home! Tavan