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Junior Foundation ‘drop in’ performance class


Every day come along to hear other young pianists playing on a grand piano, in front of a supportive audience and member of the faculty. A wonderful way to hear amazing music and to get a chance to perform yourself. Everyone welcome.      

‘Drop in’ performance class


An exciting addition to the course - a daily opportunity to perform and hear other pianists on the course in a very informal performance session, hosted by a member of the faculty. All welcome.    

Late Night Participant recitals

With up to 6 recitals taking place tonight, do make sure to go and support the pianists performing. Amazing repertoire and outstanding performances guaranteed!  

‘Drop in’ performance class


The final opportunity on  Cipss 2023 to perform in this informal setting, to an audience of supportive participants.    

Participant recitals

Pianists have the opportunity to perform on one of the concert grand pianos in the recital rooms. Steinway, Schimmel, Bösendorfer, Yamaha and Bechstein are some of the models available. Make sure to sign up when applying online.  

Final morning recitals for Junior Course

Carole Nash Hall

As CIPSS part two draws to a close, we look forward to all the Junior pianists performing a short piece in the stunning Carole Nash recital Hall, on a glorious Model D Steinway Concert Grand. Friends and family very welcome.    

Final morning performances

As CIPSS 2023 draws to a close, we look forward to participant recitals throughout the school for over 2 hours. Friends and family welcome to come in and support.