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Website: https://alexanderplus.com/
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James Crow has been teaching full-time since 2007 and each year he makes a very welcome return to the Chetham’s course. Book early to avoid disappointment!

He works with everyone from pianists to professional athletes, helping them make the most of their skills. James describes the technique as a user’s guide to the human body. He runs Alexanderplus, a company devoted to improving skills, reducing pain, and helping effortless confident performance.
By helping you spot unwanted and often painful tension, he helps you perform effortlessly, with a poise and grace that can come across as you play.
It was his own repetitive strain injuries that helped him discover the technique. James can help you use your arms without pain, sit confidently with poise, and take control of your body as you play. Think of it as learning to play yourself as you play the piano.
Originally trained as a cognitive scientist, he is skilled at working with your mind-body connection in a way that’s often surprising, usually fun, and eye-opening if you’ve never tried the technique before.
James is a member of the Professional Society of Alexander Teachers, a BackCare professional member, and has an honour’s degree in cognitive science. Working from clinics in Wilmslow and Stockport, as well as teaching at the University of Manchester and Chetham’s International Piano Summer School, he’s always pleased to work faces new and old and looks forward to seeing you this year.

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