2023 return for Chetham’s International Piano Summer School !

14 – 24 August 2023

Part One 14 – 19 August Part Two 19 -24 August

We are thrilled and excited to announce that the 22nd Summer school for pianists and piano lovers is now confirmed for 14-24 August 2023. We can’t wait to restart an event which has evolved over the years into the largest piano festival of its kind in Europe.

CIPSS ( Chetham’s International Summer School for Pianists) brings world class and legendary musicians to a vibrant, supportive community in central Manchester. Housed in the magnificent, safe grounds of the UK’s largest specialist music school, this inspirational annual festival offers unprecedented facilities, including over 130 pianos and practice/ teaching rooms, the magnificent Stoller Hall, en-suite bedrooms and stunning medieval architecture juxtaposed with modern facilities.

But it is the atmosphere and spirit of CIPSS that really makes it so special, giving it an international reputation as ‘the friendliest piano summer school in the world’. Though winners of competitions as prestigious as Leeds have participated in the course and though standards can often be phenomenal, CIPSS has never been elitist nor exclusive: Beginners and intermediate players as well as observers and adult returners have always been made to feel most welcome.

Literally hundreds of piano enthusiasts, students, teachers, adult amateurs and families have warmed to the unique experience of CIPSS over the years. 2023 promises to build on that tradition, providing an exceptionally rich programme of worldclass recitals in Stoller hall along with lectures, open lessons and opportunities to develop skills in composition, theory, analysis, improvisation, harpsichord and organ in addition to solo piano.
But all of that is but the bare bones of an event which is popular not only for its content, but most importantly for its camaraderie and integration: CIPSS welcomes everyone who adores the piano and piano playing. We are all part of a positive community, united by our musical passion.
Please check the website www.pianosummerschool.com and social media for regular updates and news… and save the date: 14-24 August 2023

With warmest wishes
Kathryn and Murray