Sabbatical in 2022 for Chetham’s International Piano Summer School (CIPSS)

Following on from twenty-one extraordinary successive annual courses since 2001, Chetham’s International Piano Summer School will have a break in 2022. We realise that this sabbatical will be extremely disappointing for many pianists, teachers, and lovers of piano playing, but we look forward to keeping in touch with everyone associated with CIPSS- past present and future- and look forward to more inspiration and creative activity in the near future.

The 2021 course was an extraordinary and heady mix of online and onsite activity, bringing an onsite junior academy to the event for the first time. After lockdown it was incredibly invigorating to get back on site and enjoy all of the concerts in Stoller Hall as well as the classes, workshops, lessons, and camaraderie. The memories are still fresh in our minds and will never be forgotten! On a broader perspective we look back on the 21 years of ‘perpetual motion’ with nostalgia, joy, and happiness. An extraordinary summer school community has been formed, built from a wide range of pianophiles across the globe.

We most certainly will continue to keep in touch with everyone associated with our beloved summer school. We wish you all continued joy, creativity, and pleasure as you continue your musical journey.

With warmest thoughts and love to you all

Kathryn and Murray